Rabbi Don Welcomes You

“Religion is the answer to life’s ultimate questions.”
– Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Life is complicated. Regardless of who we are or where we come from, we all face innately human questions like:

Who am I?
Does my life have meaning?
How do I relate to others?
How do I know what is right?
Are there principles which should guide my actions?
What is the real nature of the world I live in and is there Something which transcends it?
How can I best love and best be loved?
How do I face death, that of my dear ones and my own?

Judaism offers wisdom which helps us face the questions of living and the mysteries of life.

I created this blog to share Jewish answers to human questions. For me, Judaism is the cumulative response of the Jewish People to the ultimate questions of being human in this world. Torah is the wisdom culled from 3000 years of Jews answering the quintessentially Jewish question:

“How do we live in the presence of a God who calls us to righteousness and bids us to aspire to sacred living?”

Here I will be sharing many of my writings along with years of questions posed and answers given, questions to which readers may connect personally or intellectually and answers which may offer new information, perspective, self-understanding, and perhaps even comfort.

And from time to time, I will be raising my own questions and inviting you to share of your wisdom and experience.

I want to know what you think!

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